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DOOR        TICKETS      60  RMB

22:00 – ENDround2

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On Saturday night, October 5, four DJs from Round 2 Club will lead all “silent souls in the basement” into the vocal journey of underground electronic music construction, and comprehend “midnight spiritual life” under the background of information digitalization era.



From on site singer to DANCER to DJ, HUA, a migrant who always pursues the ideal of freedom, has rapidly evolved from reggae/dub auditory experience to deep/tech/hippie dance/nu disco. “Exploratory” and “music in the world” as well as nu disco full of analog synthesizer tone are the main core of her current style direction.

From the ethereal only beautiful Deeptech to the undercurrent of Minimal/Techno, determined to explore more fusion style of dance music at the same time, the more lndie/under the influence of the Alternative elements, Zhen given a DJ set limits the connotation of sex more full than style; In between the deep and mysterious color of the love of color, he found a unique expression between wen wan’s melody and strong and powerful groove.Enter 2018, Zhen in the excavation of new style sense, return to house hotbed; Indie-dance, which is biased towards listening, has been injected into the DJ set, presenting a rising trend, attempting to give people a pleasant and positive signal that the dancer can easily find the “entrance”. After the peak, with the rich and multi-dimensional emotional clues of Electro/Minimal House.


After 2010, SAIID began to listen to “underground electronic music” in depth. The long-term accumulation of music enabled him to quickly and accurately grasp the context of dance music and devote himself to software composing. Try to keep each Groove closely linked to music (tech/minimal/nu disco/indie dance). He tries to use the form of underground electronic music to penetrate consciousness, life, faith and life. Share with the audience the “freedom of a kind heart” on the dance floor.


Born in the 1980s, he grew up in a family of intellectuals. He was passionate and fond of music and painting since childhood. Set up a band in the student era, dabble in various music style styles, and try the experimental creation of dance music editing and hardware effects; After graduation, she worked in design, photography and illustration. And insisting on music creation as a way of life. It is believed that “underground electronic music” is the modern enrichment of music forms (such as black dancing music, post-punk, industry, German art rock, post-rock). In the live performance of DJ, we can show our understanding and expansion of the great modern music. The more integrated music sense is the rebirth of the “rock and roll spirit” that has not changed in the deep heart. And enjoy the “answers to all kinds of soul questions” that people interact with music energy.


Cisco tried to perfect the practice in sound art creation while giving consideration to DJ. Using hardware synthesizers to produce sounds that incorporate more experimental sound cues into electronic music; Create more internal and highly conflicted dance music across the dance floor.Half is disco/house/Chicago, which is warm and unrestrained and conveys passion; The other half is a hippie dance that brings together tribal/deep/minimal/micro challenges to standards and prejudices. He tightly follows the emotional clues and carefully lays out each melodic journey. And continuously expands the new style sense possibility and the esthetic direction; Cisco’s dance music aesthetics presents a tendency of bipolarity and religious sacrificial sense. And through the complex and delicate tone “exhibition”, the third way sampling elements collage intervention; Gradually enter the deep tunnel of consciousness built by sound and rhythm in the digital age. Lead the dancers into the human auditory experience of synchronizing the world’s cutting-edge party landscape. OCTOBER PARTY ARRANGEMENTround2


2019.10.05 SAT

22:00 — LATE


Pre-sale:40 RMB

Door:60 RMB


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