12/21 SAT


Special Guest*


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22:00 – END


On Saturday night, 21 December, ROUND 2 has again invited more than 10 years of live experience to DJ HUANG WEI WEI, “China’s underground music holdout”. His low-key approach contrasts sharply with the high quality of the dance music scene; More melodic and DJ SET with profound sense of journey always release huge energy, which easily makes people addicted to it. With her dedicated attitude and dedication as a cultural evangelist, HUANG WEI WEI has become one of the top dance music artists in many clubs/festivals. Having a distinctive personal style while being completely devoted and passionate to the genre of electronic music draws him massive attention and admiration both in and outside of the business. The artist have planned and participated in various events both inland and abroad that contain strong musical themes. The artist maintains a low profile in life and possesses a set of profound knowledge and skills for his arts; combing those with a pursuit that perfectly balances between artistic and commercial values grants him with high recognition in the fashion industry. He has created music for various well-known global fashion brands on various events. He has created music for several inland independent avaunt-grade designers; as well as the opening music for the Beijing and Shanghai fashion week. The artist conveys original ideas for music and promotes a sense of true Chinese electronic music culture.

ADD:84Chengdu Rd,Heping District