2019.11.08 FRI


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In the field of electronic music, Minimal Music shares the 4/4 music layout with Techno, House. In the United States in the 1960s, minimalist music first appeared as a creative method. Some musicians tried to streamline the style of making music, leaving only the drum sound, the sound of the electronic synthesizer, the repetitive melody, and the rhythm of the transformation. , with a special sense of hypnosis. The emergence of minimalist music has also redefined the music of other genres such as Techno, House, and derived Minimal-techno, Minimal-house music. It also promoted the rise of Micro-house in Europe: a music developed from the influence of minimalism and Techno in the 1990s. The roots of Micro house are Minimal Techno, Triphop and House. Micro house replaces hum, static electricity, burrs and a little noise with typical House kick drums, hi-hats and other drum machine samples. These noises usually extend out and last longer. Micro house artists often try different forms. Sampling to achieve this effect. All the microscopic delicate, long-lasting sense of time and inspiring listening have created a special reference to Ro-minimal/Micro house. Prudent production and record limitation, ways to keep distance from the Internet and streaming media, and consciously purifying the development of this musical style in local cluster scenes, scarce high-quality records are fascinating, Ro-minimal/Micro house The myth is based on their unique musical and party values, rich in content and powerful, making their overall temperament jump to the invincibility of Minimal electronic music. About artist Among the many underground dance music artists in the local area, SHENYUE resolutely explores the Ro-minimal/Micro house direction of “synchronized with the times” with its sensitive artistic intuition and direct “self-healing” creative attitude; Introduce and display electronic music/dance music full of humanity and romanticism. His music is full of wonderful and delicate “tone” texture and diversified “unexpected” auditory elements, and the full mixing of the three-track audio track makes it a “sound editorial artist” with a unique creative thinking mode. . When you really devote yourself to the dance floor and enter the imaginary space of his meticulous sound, you will naturally be ridiculed by the playful and naughty groove. In the way of artistic communication, the dancers have unprecedented emotional satisfaction and Platonic spiritual communication. As a witness to the development of Chinese electronic music, whether it is the original participant or today’s activist, SHENYUE has his own unique interpretation and persistent dedication to underground electronic music. On Friday night, November 8, ROUND 2 CLUB once again invited “China Underground Electronic Music Senior Musician – DJ Shen Yue / SHENYUE” to visit Tianjin City Underground Ballroom, please reserve this night 🙂 History of artist development The establishment of A Boys in 1998 was the beginning of shen yue’s music career. The recording and release of boring army made him an important member of the punk music wave at that time. His band career not only brought him rich stage experience, but also brought him access to club party culture. Gradually love for electronic music, so that he began to feel uncomfortable in the straightforward music expression, but also for his later transformation DJ laid the foundation. DJ career began in 2006 to now, he has been active in the domestic electronic club and each big music festival stage, early experience of the band will lead to more rich music for his vision, and let him believe that DJ should be more unique aesthetic firm communicators, which helped him to complete from early participants to present the change of the role of facilitator. For a fan of 4/4 electronic dance music, the attraction of the DJ scene goes far beyond the sensory stimulation of a strong drum beat and sweet melodies. His unique music language has been built up by the long immersion of line type, the rich changes of details in the microwave rhythm, the deconstructive music expression, the perfect integration of various elements, and the continuous exploration behind the seemingly simple, which is also a powerful driving force for him to reconstruct himself in the process of constant updating. NOVEMBER PARTY ARRANGEMENT


2019.11.08 FRI

22:00 — LATE


Pre-sale:50 RMB

Door:70 RMB


84Chengdu Rd,Heping District