2019.07.26 FRI


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21:30 – END


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On Friday night, July 26, ROUND 2 club hosts DJ DAYONG and his DRUM & BASS party again! To prepare for this marathon party, here are three things to remember: take a nap after work, don’t overeat for dinner, and wear comfortable sneakers:)

Dayong, an old-time Bass DJ in Beijing, just finished the release of the new DNB EP “You Can’t Escape”. He went to ROUND 2 club and dedicated a hot party integrating reggae, dub, jungle/ drum n Bass to the underground dancing music lovers in tianjin. Mark your calendar and don’t miss the night!

About artist

DJ Dayong, a DJ for 20 years, started embracing electronic music since age of 16. Having been deeply fascinated by sound works of musicians The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method and The Prodigy, he decided to take up a carrer as a professional DJ.

A veteran BASS DJ in Beijing, he has combined different roles on himself: producer, movie Foley artist and sound mixer. Many years of his comprehensive perception and live exprience of electronic music and sound art have contributed to a strong captivating DJ field effect. He has a super grasp and vision of the mood in a dance floor, controlling waves of emotions inspired by GROOVE through capturing dancers’ feedback delicately so as to push the atmosphere all the way to perfection!

For many years, DJ Dayong has devoted himself persistently into spreading BASS dance music. He was an on-site DJ in all major clubs around Bejing since 1994 thru 1999 and won a lot of acclamation when he was a part-time DJ in The Loft Restaurant from 2000 to 2005. DJ Dayong has been a major player of Drum & Bass parties held in bars and clubs such like Drum and Bell Bar, KAI Club, Nanjie Bar, Salud and China Doll since 2006, and become a core founder and advocate of BASS activities in Beijing.

Along with Kee D.oll, DJ Dayong formed “ATTACK-Beginning Time”, a duo band of Electronic Music, and started making his own pieces. Taking on the roles of “pioneer” and “preacher” of Drum & Bass, he has arranged Drum & Bass performance parties in multiple cities around China since 2016. “Drum & Bass in Rage”, a solo tour around the country, was launched in 2018, covering 10 cities in 2 months and a half, and brought about waves of exultation and excitement in cities of Kunming, Dali, Suzhou, Baotou, Hohhot, Beijing, Taiyuan, Shenmu and beyond!

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2019.07.26 FRI

21:30 — LATE


Pre-sale:50 RMB

    Door:70 RMB



84Chengdu Rd,Heping District