8.23 FRI/ MILAN MINIMALISM 米兰’极简主义声学


2019.08.23 FRI



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DOOR         TICKETS      70   RMB

21:30 – END

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Everest is a Chinese Techno music producer. Everest is majoring in electronic music of verdi music college in milan. In the early years, he walked in milan, including other Italian peripheral cities, his music and performance almost throughout China, and then left his footprints in Europe. Under the influence of music major in music college of verdi, milan, his production skills and on-site control ability have been recognized by industry professionals in Italy and even some European countries, including some famous music festivals and clubs. After Everest finished his studies, he continued to choose various important music related resources in Europe, especially many music festivals and clubs, which he acquired with music persistence. His return to China shows his personality and emotionality to music. Soon, he started visiting underground clubs in places like Beijing. Everest’s music is filled with the texture of stars, and also includes some milanese thinking mode, a fashion capital. Everest is a musician who adheres to the minimalist atmosphere aesthetics.

His production style, like that of his DJ set, is deeply rooted in Ambient and Minimal, with many melodic and Minimal bass lines. These elements make his scene full of strong abstract colors and psychedelic feelings, and there is always an unspeakable emotion and perception wandering in the body. He USES a variety of hardware synthesizers, modular systems and drum synthesizers to make music. The works pay attention to the collocation of timbre texture and sound position, and have rigorous sound structure; From Star Wars, we can feel his unique aesthetic pursuit of minimalist music. Like to explore the unique timbre system, so that his works have a sci-fi epic level of cinematic imagery.

In April 2018, in order to explore and spread the potential and unique music, he began to seek a large number of innovative voices with original ecological cultural value in China, so as to form differences and collisions with his unique music texture. This love and persistence for music led him to establish ANMURING RECORDS, and in August of the same year, he toured and released ANMURING RECORDS ‘latest music concept and achievements.

Everest not only pioneered the first Chinese DJ with the Tehcno style at the EDC music festival, but also created the producer who directly wrote the theme song for the EDC music festival. His adaptation of Tamed Spirit was highly praised by Enrico Sanggiuliano, the heavyweight representative of Techno dance industry.




2019.08.23 FRI

21:30 — LATE


Pre-sale:50 RMB

Door:70 RMB


84Chengdu Rd,Heping District