2019.06.08 SAT


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DOOR         TICKETS    70  RMB

21:30 – END

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Life is a long road. Motel, is the place where you want to be, after a long way. It’s an unique place, for you and me. Every time, we got new guests.Don’t be rude, respect each other.Techno Motel is for open mind people.We are promoting to the others modern techno music: Ethnic sound, Tech, deep, lo-fi, dark, melodic, industrial, acid. Based in Shenzhen. Chill and respect. Chill and Respect,Propaganda Community.                                                                            

 —— Techno Motel

About artist


MLRV Was born in Russia. He started his dj career in 2010 playing house music. From local clubs he moved into a bigger spaces as music festivals, social events, and bigger parties and with all these luggage his sound had turned to deeper and groovy side, it has turned techno. Inspired by early sound of analog synthesizers and flat baseline of Detroit techno.In 2015 MLRV creates party label “Listen to Detroit”, where he and his crew were sharing desks and supporting such artists as AGRABA, Martin Eyerer, SODEYAMA, Nikita Zabelin, D.A.L.I., Eostra, Going Deeper, Swanky Tunes, Hard Rock Sofa.

Working as a sound engineer at the biggest regional music theatre influenced on Vladi much. There he had an opportunity to work with many famous Russian and foreign classical music artists.Feeling the beating of techno vibe, which are needed to be shared with bigger audience. In 2016 Vladi moves to SZ, China and quickly takes roots into SZ underground community.

Now taking position of music director at Hilton Hotel, headliner and guest dj among the most popular SZ underground clubs and techno events(such as Oil Club, Sector Club, Dolores Park, Secret Spot).


Moon started to develop her trade and collect music from 2008. In 2012 she began to PR in clubs in Moscow, during that time she developed her DJ skills and then began to play in clubs around Moscow like Vanilla Ninja, Angelov, Time out bar, Stereopeople bar.

In 2014 she and her crew created an events company called Kontur throwing parties and bringing djs like Rayo, Djebali etc.

In 2017 she had a chance to branch out of Moscow and go to China. Arriving in Shenzhen she played at some private parties where she was noticed and learnt the the music scene in China. 

Guest dj: Oil club, Peacock club, Tik Tak bar, Eden bar, Very Siam, Wann lounge,  Vinylhouse(SZ), Lucca (GZ), Flow (Qingyuan), Lantern (BJ).Member of Propaganda community. Collaborating with such communities as: Toxic Entertainment, Liquid Project, Mauvision.

Moon is considered as fresh blood and an exciting  prospect in the new and flourishing Chinese underground scene. But she already showed big progress and started to produce her own music. She made support and warm up for Drumcell (Droid behaviour -Dystopian). 

Monthly recording her podcast Fusion with Mlrv. This colloboration makes an own unique style of deep and tech house with fresh ethnic sounds.





2019.06.08 SAT

21:30 — LATE


Pre-sale:50 RMB

Door:70 RMB


84Chengdu Rd,Heping District