2019.05.18 SAT


天津站@Round 2 Club

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KC (aka. Kc_SuperDope)


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MC guangguang, Chinese said singing hands of a handful of evergreen trees. Hip-hop music creation began in 2003, and it has been living in the Chinese rap field for more than ten years. Today, MC guang guang, who founded the hip-hop label free-out, is the idol and first teacher of many budding singers.

Since 2012,MC guangguang has released 6 mixtapes and albums, cooperated with top domestic rappers such as honghua club, xiedi and manshuke, cooperated with Asian hip-hop DJ pioneer DJ Krush, and performed with American rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Flying to someone else’s bed, an early hit on the Internet, was once considered a masterpiece of guangguang. Although the song in those days can be said to be 90 after the network heard the song, guangguang himself has never taken this song as his masterpiece.

MC guangguang by more Hip cross-strait “big branch event”. Among the works of many rappers in the mainland and Taiwan, guangguang’s “big branch diss” is considered to represent the complete victory over big branch, egg fort, national egg and other works of Taiwanese rappers, and was recognized by Taiwan hip-hop eldest brother huang licheng from maji at that time.

About Artist 

Guangguang, who started to contact rap music in 2003, founded d-evil, the earliest rap group in nanjing.

In 2005, the whole city of nanjing got acquainted with HipHop music for the first time with a rap song named drinking chaos in nanjing dialect.

From 2007 to 2008, d-evil released albums King of East and Mixtape, which were recognized by magazines such as light music and hee hee gang as well as domestic rap industry.

In the first Chinese hip-hop culture award ceremony in 2009, guangguang and d-evil were nominated for three times, and MC guangguang finally won the weight award of most popular rapper. In 2010, MC guangguang released the single “half a savior” and held the Remix game in cooperation with ant net and EZ4Life. The song became the first song in Chinese history to be recorded by more than 100 rap artists, including xie di, who was unknown at the time, and Mai, who later joined the club.

In 2015, MC guangguang and hainan producer ASun jointly created and released Summer Southside, a song featuring g-funk.

In 2016, the light that excels in lyrical melody created mixtape in the bedroom, which combines “sex and sensibility” to the extreme.

In 2017, MC kwang-kwang released “rollercoaster”, a two-cd album featuring new songs and old songs. It symbolizes the ups and downs of hip-hop over the past decade, and opens the underground rapper’s 20-stop “rollercoaster” nationwide tour, which has set the record for the number of underground rapper Tours in the country.

In 2018, after the success of bedroom mixtape,MC guangguang once again launched the two-cd bedroom 2.0 featuring R&B and trapsoul, and launched the “Run Dat Game” national tour.

In 2019, MC guang guang was nominated for best live performance at the LPA independent music awards, and in April, she went on a tour of 15 cities with her new album life on the line.

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2019.05.18 SAT

20:20 – END


Pre-sale:150 RMB

Door:180 RMB



84Chengdu Rd,Heping District