2019.05.24 FRI

GoaProductions-“New Challengers” Album Release Part


Viandoks (FR)


Third Wave (HK)


DOOR        TICKETS   100   RMB

22:00 – END


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[Free 3 beers (or 3 shots of tequila)  before 22:00 PM]:)

In the year 2019 Viandoks rules over the GoaProductions organization and his dreams are of power. He decides to organize a tournament in order to find new talented soldiers to join and help him in his evil plans of world domination. 

After traveling all over, he narrows his choice to 9 contestants from different backgrounds and skills and invited them to the GoaProductions headquarters promising them glory, fame and money. Instead, he brainwashed them into blood thirsty killing machine.

The tournament begin at Round 2 Tianjin on Friday, May 24. with Angry5jar, Third Wave and Viandoks challenging the crowd to a mind-bending night of psychedelic madness on the Trancefloor!

About Artist


Angry5JaR is BeijingDJ/Producer.His music has various typesand rich personal characteristics. Since 2016, he has been active in various clubs,music festivals and Live houses in China. Modernsky Lab [Modernsky Lab][BeijingDaDa][Shanghai44kw][Mao Live house][e-midi music festival][tianmo wonderlandmusic festival],etc. At the same time, he also released his own music works onvarious domestic labels, including [Ran Groove burntmusic][ChinaPavilion][GoaProductions][EastRecords] and so on. In 2018, he washonored to appear on MashRoom magazine in the Netherlands, one of theoutstanding national artists from PsyTrance in China.

Since 2017, he has releasedtwo albums, hug in 2017 and hugin 2018. This is true of many personal EP’s,such as Life Loop, It’s A Trip,It’s A Trip. In 2017, he participated in thecompilation of “Ran Groovevol6”, whose work “reach out” waslisted at the top of QQ music not list under the promotion of Ran music. Thenin late 2018, he joined GoaProductions’ NEW CHALLENGERS global artistscollection.

In his daily work, he alsotakes care of fashion shows and games. From 2016 to 2018, served as music andmusic editor of fashion show in dubai, shenzhen, Shanghai, wuhan, xiamen,Beijing and other places. In 2016, he co-produced music for the mobile gamecreation and magic with soundtracks. His early work Gong was featured in theofficial Ps4 video game diffuse.

Good at creating wonderfuland profound atmosphere, he is not limited to his fixed views on music style.He believes that as long as music is good, it will be accompanied by a strongsense of journey, which will enable the audience to evolve to a higher level ofthinking. After six years of multi-style experiments and precipitation, he hasgradually discovered his own needs of the “system”, and this systemis like Chakras, will follow the journey of the soul has been rotating…

Third Wave

The name Third Wave comes from the book by futurist writerAlvin Toffler. In it he predicts the changes the world is going through today.Published way back in 1980, he tells of how humans have experienced two majorchanges, the agricultural and industrial revolution, and that we are now in thethird: The Communication Revolution.

From old to new and new to old, Third Wave’s favorite styleis the classic Psychedelic Goa Trance of the late 1990s. More often though youwill find him playing the standard Full-On and progressive spectrum (as well asthe slower psygressive genre that evolved during the 2000s). Don’t let yourselfbe pigeonholed though, or think you’ve heard it all! Browse the extensivecatalog of mixes to find even more sounds: Psychedelic Breaks, and The Deltastyle tech-trance styles are forgotten sounds that Third Wave wants to bringback to the dance floor!

Having witnessed the Psy Trance scene during the world widerave days, in New England circa 1993-1999 and in Hong Kong circa 1999-2001, hehopes to one day see the return of weekly events like those of the seminalCE-Top club days in Central (just outside of LKF ~ Lan Kwai Fong), Hong Kong.


Viandoks is a Frenchman based in Kunming, China. Always influenced by the more heavy genres of music out there, electronic beats slowly but surely took over his heart and it’s only natural that he became a DJ. In 2015 he joined GoaProductions on their mission to Psychedelify the Middle Kingdom and in 2018 he became their proud Label Manager. His plans are not to stay silent. With experiences playing in various venues and festivals around the world, you’re in for a treat if he shows up in your neighborhood. 


2019.05.24 FRI

21:30 — LATE


Pre-sale:80 RMB

Door:100 RMB



84Chengdu Rd,Heping District




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