Simplified Chinese大悲院
Traditional Chinese大悲院
Pinyindà bēi yuàn
Other Translations

There are Temple of heaven, hall of Mahavira, hall of great compassion, east-west supporting hall, etc. all of these scenic spots are not only high-rise temples, but also magnificent. The squatter houses used by monks for living were built with government funding after liberation. The “great sorrow Temple of ancient temple” engraved with seal script on the gate of the great sorrow courtyard was also written by Mr. Wang Xiang, a famous Oracle expert hired by the government. When you travel to the Dabei palace, you must see the gold statue of Sakyamuni in the Mahavira hall. This gold statue of Sakyamuni is made of copper in the Ming Dynasty, which is five meters high and six tons heavy, which is a national second-class cultural relic. Dabei temple is located in Tianwei Road, Hebei District, Tianjin. It is a well preserved and largest Bafang Buddhist temple in Tianjin.