Xikai Church was originally located in Dushan Road, Binjiang Road, Heping District, Tianjin. It is situated in the southwest and northeast of China. It is called the Catholic Xikai General Hall. Later, it is also called Xikai Church and the Old Xikai Church because of its location. Xikai Church was built by Paul-Marie Dumond (1864-1944), a French missionary in the five years of the Republic of China (1916 A.D.). Its building area is 1891.95 square meters, which can accommodate 1500 people at the same time, and its plane is in the shape of a cross.

The building plane of Xikai Church in Tianjin is Latin “ten” shaped. Three huge domes up to 45 meters are arranged in the shape of “Pin”. The three domes are slightly elongated upward. The surface is covered with green copper plates. The huge domes are supported by wooden structures. Each dome has a bronze cross.

Xikai Church is the historical style building of Tianjin cultural relics protection unit and special protection grade; Xikai Church is the largest Roman style building in Tianjin, and also the Cathedral of Catholic Tianjin Diocese (Xikai Church is the bishop’s government, but there is no bishop.)