Simplified Chinese佛罗伦萨小镇
Traditional Chinese佛羅倫薩小鎮
Pinyinstandard:fó luó lún sà xiǎo zhèn
Other Translations

Tianjin Florence Town-Beijing-Tianjin Famous Goods Autress is the first large-scale Italian-style discount Center for high-end famous goods and leisure culture center in China, covering an area of about 180,000 square meters, building area of 70,000 square meters, rentable area of 49,000 square meters. Beijing-Tianjin Town has nearly 200 top Italian luxury brands and international and domestic high-quality fashion brands, providing consumers with multi-level brand choice.

In order to complete a subversive Otelles design in China, the design team and architectural experts of Florence Town attach great importance to the rational use of space and the use of high-quality building materials. Whether it is environmental design, store facade or public entertainment area, they maintain the design style of traditional Italian towns and strive to achieve perfection. In order to reproduce the life scene of Italian towns in the 16th century, every architectural and decorative detail of the colonnades and porches, whether on the exterior or or on footpaths, is ingenious. The selected materials are also the embodiment of Italian classical style, such as antique roofing tiles, decorative frames and high-quality wood and iron street furniture. Innovative technologies and materials are fully utilized to improve building quality, save energy and reduce maintenance. Environmentally beautified sidewalks and parking lots and vegetation coverage have greatly improved the landscape comfort of these areas and realized a virtuous cycle of natural systems. 2,800 free parking spaces surround four entrances to facilitate consumers to enter any area for shopping. The overall design strictly separates the public space from the area used by employees, ensuring that consumers enjoy a relaxed and undisturbed shopping and leisure environment.