Simplified Chinese天津石家大院
Traditional Chinese天津石家大院
Pinyintiānjīn shí jiā dà yuàn
Other Translations

Shi Family Grand Courtyardis situated in Yangliuqing, Xiqing District, which is the former residence of wealthy merchant Shi Yuanshi – the 4th son of Shi Wancheng, one of the eight great masters in Tianjin. First built in 1875, it covers over 6,000 square meters, including large and small yards and over 200 folk houses, a theater and over 275 rooms that served as apartments and places of business and worship for this powerful family. Shifu Garden, which finished its expansion in October 2003, covers 1,200 square meters, incorporates the elegance of imperial garden and delicacy of south garden. Now the courtyard of Shi family covers about 10,000 square meters, which is called the first mansion in North China. Now it serves as the folk custom museum in Yangliuqing, which has a large collection of folk art pieces like Yanliuqing New Year pictures, brick sculpture.

Shi’s ancestor came from Dong’e County in Shandong, engaged in water transport of grain. As the wealth gradually accumulated, the Shi Family moved to Yangliuqing and bought large tracts of land and set up their residence. Shi Yuanshi came from the fourth generation of the family, who was a successful businessman and a good household manager, and the residence was thus enlarged for several times until it acquired the present scale. It is believed to be the first mansion in the west of Tianjin.