Simplified Chinese天津小白楼音乐广场or天津音乐厅
Traditional Chinese天津小白樓音樂廣場or天津音樂廳
Pinyintiān jīn xiǎo bái lóu yīn yuè guǎng chǎng or tiān jīn yīn yuè tīng
Other Translations

Tianjin Xiaobailou Musical Square , formerly known as Ping’an Cinema or Xiaobailou Concert Hall, is located at the intersection of Nanjing Road, Zhejiang Road, Kaifeng Road and Jianjian Road in Xiaobailou District, Heping District, Tianjin, at No. 32 Zhejiang Road. Its predecessor is Ping An Cinema, which was built in 1922. Since then, the original building was demolished and rebuilt in 2005. In 2009, the new Tianjin Concert Hall was completed. At present, the Tianjin Concert Hall has become an international professional concert hall in Tianjin.